There are many reasons why a retaining wall can fall over or require to be re-built. Retaining walls are built from the ground up, they require a solid foundation, a structurally sound design, the correct reinforcements and to be constructed by a professional, correctly from the beginning. 

When retaining walls are installed correctly, they should not fall over. Here are some reasons which could cause a retaining wall to fall.


Correct Materials

There are many different types of retaining walls which can be constructed, for different purposes, design features, strength and cost. For example, timber retaining walls are a cheaper option, but the timber can decay over time whereas rock retaining walls are built to last and when built correctly, will last.


Improper Reinforcement

When the retaining wall is constructed without the correct reinforcement, the retaining wall will not last forever. Due to weather conditions, size of the wall and the landscape it was build on, the incorrect reinforcement in the retaining wall, the wall will eventually start to lean.


Wrong Foundation

The foundation of the retaining wall is a HUGE factor in the design and construction of all retaining wall designs. Correct design and soil preparation are required or the retaining wall can start to shift over time and eventually the retaining wall will fall.


Incorrect Drainage

Drainage is a key element to the structural design of the retaining wall. In Queensland we can see heavy rainfall through summer storms, so it is imperative that Brisbane retaining walls are constructed with the correct drainage solutions to ensure water damage does not push the foundations of your wall or pile water in your wall, causing it to fall.



An experienced construction landscaper can build your retaining wall with the correct foundations, design, size and strength to your requirements which suits your properties needs and complements your landscape.

Call Terry today if your retaining wall is falling to get a quote today and repair your wall.