Types of Driveways

Whether you require a statement driveway to add a visual element to your homes facade, or a suitable and practical clean cut driveway for and carport option or both Brisbane Home Landscaping can build the best quality driveway which complements your home and works with your style.

Concrete Driveways

Plain concrete driveways are a cost effective and maintenance free solution for a practical and visually pleasing home frontage. Additionally you may also opt to add a concrete stencil over your plain concrete which is a popular and attractive alternative.


Driveway paving is an excellent choice for a long term, quality, strong, attractive and maintenance free solution for vehicle access to your property. Paved driveways are unique to each home as they can be constructed in many different sizes, colours and even textures. Porphyry stone cobbles are also becoming a popular choice among home owners looking for an extremely hard wearing and visually pleasing driveway.


Tiling your driveway is a fantastic option for your home. With a growing range of natural stones to manufactured tiles, the choices are endless and the results will not only complement your home but last for many years.

Exposed Aggregate Driveways

Durable and slip-resistant, exposed aggregate makes the perfect base for your driveway. Not only can it withstand the heavy weight of vehicles, it adds a unique landscape design to your home. It comes in many different colours, shapes and sizes so it matches perfectly to any landscape. The rough texture in the concrete finish also helps to provide better traction for vehicles.

With endless opportunities to give your property a facelift, Brisbane Home Landscaping is qualified to build them all.