Travertine is a type of limestone that formulates around mineral spring deposits, it is typically available and used in tile form and is offered in a variety of earth tone colours of the natural stone. Travertine tiles look elegant and draw your attention, they are a strong tile which are long-lasting and a quality choice of tile.

Travertine tiles that are the perfect choice of material to use on your swimming pool surrounds and pool coping, lay throughout your patios or outdoor entertaining spaces and are the optimal choice for your landscape design due to their quality, hard surface which won’t show any significant damages through wear and tear, they are timeless and offer an elegant finish to your property. Over time, a weathering effect can transpire, which is a significant part of their charm, increasing the individual pieces diverse charm.

Laying Travertine tiles through your landscape and swimming pool surrounds is an elegant, easy, yet low maintenance solution for you space, they are easy to sweep and are non-slip, perfect for around the pools. Travertine tiles can be laid in many patterns like offset, diamond, herringbone and French Pattern and as they age, they gain more charm and intrigue.

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