Are you thinking about having some paving completed on your property to increase your landscape?

There are two basic types of pavements you can have built for residential use; Pedestrian areas and driveways. Pedestrian areas consist of pathways, courtyards, entertaining areas, feature areas etc. Driveways refers to common home driveways which hold less than 3 tonnes, such as cars, utes, vans and small trucks.


There are many benefits for home owners to add paving or outdoor tiling to your yard or landscape. Here are just a few.

  1. Paved areas in your home can provide low maintenance solutions to your landscape
  2. Create a spacious outdoor living space to entertaining guests
  3. Are you having trouble growing grass or a garden edging in heavy traffic areas to your yard? Have some paved garden path built!
  4. Paving a new pathway into your yard can help direct traffic in your yard or landscape and help reduce the amount of dirt which can get carried in and through your home.

Things to consider in your new Paving project.

  1. Pavers come in many shapes, sizes and colours, consult a professional for the best design advice to complement your yard before purchasing as the paver choices can range in price.
  2. What foundation will your pavers be laid on; a cement stabilizer or sand bed, or a concrete slab, which at times may be more expensive to prepare.
  3. It’s important to have your paving fall away from buildings towards areas where run-off can be absorbed by plants.
  4. Ensure your paving is completed by a professional who can implement correct drainage and water run-off’s for your landscape.


Ready for your paving to be completed? Give Terry a call for a quote today.