Versatile Sandstone Block Retaining Walls

Sandstone Blocks

Why are Brisbane homes investing in Sandstone blocks for their landscapes?

Sandstone Retaining wall

Sandstone blocks are made from all natural stone, they are forged with floods and draught and showcase a beautiful natural colour pallet which complements many natural gardens.
Sandstone blocks are perfect to create structural retaining walls as they are incredibly durable and long lasting. They are used in landscape design throughout Brisbane specifically for their high-quality structure as well as being aesthetically pleasing, enhancing the look of your property.

Sandstone blocks are suitable for a wide range of commercial or residential landscaping, such as retaining walls, feature landscaping, seating, stairs, boundary lines & many more.

Be sure to hire an experienced local Landscaper for your next sandstone block project to enhance your property.
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Sandstone blocks