Types of Retaining Wall Landscaping

Looking to spice up your backyard with a little backyard renovation?
Or perhaps your have some drainage issues in your yard and you need a retaining wall to help direct the excess water along a natural path through your yard.
Or you just purchased a new home and you need a structural retaining wall for your boundary line.

Either way, you will need to consider what type of retaining wall is best to suit your landscape.


Here are 4 types of retaining walls to consider;

Sandstone Block Retaining Wall; Sandstone blocks are perfect to create structural retaining walls as they are incredibly durable and long lasting. Being made from all natural stone, they are forged with floods and draught and showcase a beautiful natural colour pallet which complements many natural gardens.

Concrete Sleeper Retaining Wall; Concrete sleepers are becoming increasingly popular. They come in a variety of colours and textures to enhance your landscape design and they are highly durable for our Queensland weather and will last for years. The main consideration with choosing a concrete sleeper retaining wall, is that they can take longer to construct.

Timber Retaining Walls; Timber retaining walls are still used in retaining wall landscaping due to their affordable nature, they are relatively inexpensive and easy to construct for garden edges, steps and retaining walls to terrace sloping sites. Timber sleepers are not as durable however as other types of retaining walls though, as the timber is prone to rain, humidity and rotting and will need to be replaced more frequently than other more durable materials.

Rock Wall; The good old rock retaining wall makes for a strong wall and is most commonly used for big retaining wall projects, due to the solid rock foundation and multitude of size formations available. Made with a structurally sound foundation, you can’t go wrong on the large scale rock wall.


Which will you choose? Speak to the professionals and get your quote today!